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International Shipping

At Fernandes Forwarders, we offer international shipping options for your personal goods. We operate on the principle of ‘ask and you shall receive’. Want to order that state-of-the-art music system from New York? Or send a last-minute gift to your loved one in another country? Or maybe you’re shifting house and you need all your personal home items transported safely to your destination. Whatever you need, we will get it done.

Our shipping services are personalised so that you get your delivery done, your way. Based on your specific requirements, we either ship your goods by air, ocean or multimodal transport. We can ship them from the country of your choice to your desired final destination.

The key features of our International Shipping service are:

1. Timely
2. Hassle-free
3. Personalised service
4. Option of multiple carriers
5. Competitive rates


We can ship:

1. Automobiles
2. Auto parts
3. Chemicals
4. Computer systems
5. Flowers/Plants
6. Furniture
7. Heavy equipment
8. Medical equipment
9. Musical equipment
10. Windmills

…and practically anything else that you can think of.


For the above service, we also offer:

Easy tracking options:
Track your delivery online at any time.

Packaging and warehousing: We don’t just deliver – we take care of your complete packaging and storage needs also. To know how, go to Packaging and warehousing

Easy tracking options: Track your shipment online at any time and get regular updates on the shipment status.

Proof of delivery: You need to know if your consignment has been delivered to the right hands and we make sure you do. In addition to verifying the recipient’s identity and obtaining proof through signature, we give you an instant online confirmation and a verbal confirmation on delivery.

Collect on delivery (C.O.D): We can collect the value of the product from the consignee at the time of delivery.

Payment on delivery: Shipping charges can be collected from the consignee at the time of delivery.


*We do not ship any item included under the ‘Restricted and Banned items’ list. Click here to for a complete list.

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