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Packed to Perfection

If packing birthday presents is the only kind of packing you’ve ever known, don’t you worry. We don’t expect you to pack your own goods. We take your complete domestic & international packing needs into our own hands and make sure that it is done right. Your goods are important to us and we will ensure that they reach the final destination safely and in the very same condition that they were given to us.

We stock boxes of various sizes to accommodate all kinds of goods – small, large or delicate. And it isn’t as simple as just placing your goods in a box. Your items will be labelled, bubble-wrapped, taped and sealed to perfection. In case of house and office shifting, we even label each of your home or office products so that unpacking becomes easy and organised.

We also have our own custom box manufacturing unit for those goods which cannot be fit into regular boxes.


Warehousing & Distrubution

We partner with you to provide complete logistic solutions for all you business needs. We recognise the specific requirements of your business and offer a full range of warehousing and distribution services across India.


The highlights of this service include:

1. Strategically located warehouses
2. Personalised services to suit your business needs
3. Handling and storing of goods with care in sophisticated warehouses
4. Complete security
5. Control checks on entry and exit of goods
6. Wide distribution network pan India
7. Increased efficiency
8. Supply chain management
9. Experienced personnel


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