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Smart Parcel Service

New Opportunities

Over the last decade, the road network in India has greatly improved, providing faster routes to various destinations across the country and a better quality of roads. In this changing environment, luxury buses called Volvos were introduced to transport passengers to various destinations across India. Volvo buses are superior-quality luxury buses that are known mainly for their ‘speed’ and ‘wide travel network across India’.

While others saw just another luxury bus service, we at Fernandes Forwarders saw a ‘massive opportunity’. We became the first logistics company to tie-up with Volvo bus operators to offer an innovative and smart delivery service across India. We call it the ‘Smart Parcel Service’.


What is the Smart Parcel Service?

Our Smart Parcel Service is our one-of-a-kind parcel delivery service, where we transport your consignment through safe and reliable Volvo luxury buses to countless destinations across India.

With sufficient storage capacity, we can move all your small to medium sized parcels, including small boxes, motorbikes or even home furniture.

In a conventional way, the parcel from point to point undergoes up to 6-7 handlings during transportation. With our Smart Parcel Service, the handlings are reduced to 3 points as they are transported by Volvo luxury buses. The royal passage ensures safety of the parcel, easy uploading and downloading, along with timely delivery of the parcels which travel along with the passengers and hence, the damage and delays are controlled considerably in comparison with all other modes of transportation. We also provide you the added benefit of insuring your valuable products.



1. Highly cost-effective:
The Smart Parcel Services in an excellent alternative to delivery by air. By substituting air transport with ground transportation, your costs are greatly reduced, while you continue to enjoy equal benefits. In the case of air travel, there is always a small chance of your parcel being offloaded. With the Smart Parcel Service, you can avoid the risk of being offloaded altogether, due to the frequency of the buses and their wide network. The movement of your parcel will also be tracked at every step of the way.

2. Speedy delivery:
When it comes to time-efficiency, Volvo is almost as good as air travel, thus making sure all your urgent consignments get to the final destination well within time.

3. Customised service:
We give you the option to choose your pick-up and drop-off point, whether it is right from your door-step to the final delivery point or from the point of loading to the destination.
We also offer special solutions to E-commerce and other businesses, where we can transport your goods directly from the warehouse to any destination across India.

4. Reduction in handling:
As compared to air travel, there is a considerable reduction in handling by cutting down on the number of steps in the delivery process. This in turn, greatly reduces the risk of damage to your consignment.


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